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Newsletter Summer 2nd Half Term

Welcome back to Pre-School after the half-term holiday.  I want to thank all the parents once again for supporting our events in the first half term of Summer. It was great team work, and helped to raise money for resources for the children.  

Carnival: We are now into the final build up for the Carnival and we are looking forward very much to next weekend, Saturday 9th June, when this year’s float will be revealed, complete with all the wonderful artwork and models produced by the children.  Thank you to those parents who have undertaken the responsibility of taking on the float decoration this year, we’re all very excited to see it.  I once again would like to thank Noah-Jake’s Dad for making our awesome volcano and making some amazing wooden stensils, and Mia’s Mum for painting our sign. Please encourage family and friends to come along and support Pre-School as they take part in the parade – it always means a huge amount to the children to see familiar faces cheering them on.  Any additional help in “dressing” the float during this week would also be very much appreciated. The team will be going to going up to Chesterton Fields Farm, on Tuesday 5th June from 1-3pm, and possibly Thursday evening too.

We will be meeting and getting onto the float at 12.15 at Sutcliffe Drive. Judging of the float will happen at 12.30. There is a fancy dress competition too, and we are looking forward to seeing the children, and parents if they would like to, in their fancy dress costumes. This is judged in the main ring when the floats arrive.

We still need to extra help with setting up, cooking, and clearing away the Barbeque. If you have any friends or relatives who would be willing to help us out, that would be great. Tesco’s and Co-op have very kindly made donations of squash and condiments.

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Safeguarding: We will be talking to the children this week about how to keep themselves safe on the carnival float this weekend. Chairs will be placed on the float so that children can sit with their parents throughout the procession. Please can we ask that parents support their child to sit down when the float is moving.

This week is Child Safety Week. We will be talking to the children this half term, about keeping themselves safe on the roads and when they are out on their bikes during the Summer months using our Warwick The Bear Books. THINK about roads, STOP at the kerb and wait, KNOW to hold hands. We will put this into practise with our visit to school with the new reception children.

Summer Holidays and Transport themes: This half term we are going to be thinking about going on our summer holidays, how we might get there, and how we will be spending time with our friends and families. The children will be involved in making their own passports, packing suitcases, looking at timetables, writing postcards and using cameras to take “holiday” photos.

It would be great if we could have some visitors come into Pre-School who have a related occupation. If you know a Pilot, Train driver, or Air Steward who would be willing to come in and talk to the children, please speak to Catherine.

Outdoor Play:  We are hoping for some good weather for the final half term of this school year and the children will be taking part in lots of outdoor play.  Please ensure that shoes suitable for running, climbing, balancing etc are worn.  Trainers or “Doodles” type shoes are great – please no ‘crocs’ or open-toed sandals.  When sunshine is forecast, please apply sun cream before coming to Pre-School and ensure that your child has a suitable sun hat, and T-shirt which will cover their shoulders.

Dates for your diary

EGM: Wednesday 6th June at 1pm. This is to vote to change the legal status of Harbury Pre-school, as discussed in the letter sent home with your child. Thank you to those parents who have sent back replies.

Visit from Reverend Craig: On Wednesday 20th June, Reverend Craig will be visiting Pre-School.

Visit by Reception Class Teacher:  On Thursday 21st June the Reception Class teacher, Mrs Neale from Harbury Primary School, will be visiting to meet those children who will be moving on to school next term.  The children who are not moving onto school until 2019 will have an additional fun activity to get busy with.

Visit to Harbury Primary School:  On Wednesday 4th July, children who will be moving on to school next term are invited to visit the school to have a look round their new classroom. This is in addition to their transition day on Wednesday 27th June. If your child is not in Pre-School on 4th July, you are invited to meet us at Harbury school at 10.10am, and collect them at 11am.

Parents’ Open Evening:  Please note that this will be held on Tuesday 10th July between 7.00 and 8.30 p.m.  Full details will be circulated separately.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic:  Weather permitting, the annual Pre-School Teddy Bears’ Picnic will be held in Harbury Park on Thursday 19th July to come and enjoy some games and a picnic in the sun.  In the event of wet weather, the picnic will be held at Pre-School, but sadly, it will have to be restricted to Pre-School children and their teddy bears due to lack of space.

Autumn Term dates:

Teacher training day: Monday 3rd September. Pre-school will be closed on this day.

First Day: Tuesday 4th September

Break up: Friday 26th October

Half Term: Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd November

First day: Monday 5th November

Break up: Friday 21st December

And Finally..... This will be the last newsletter for 12 of our Pre-Schoolers, but we wish them well as they start at Primary School in September. Pre-School will re-open after the summer holidays on Tuesday 4th September.

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