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Newsletter – Spring 2nd Half Term 2018

Welcome back to Pre-School after the February half-term, we hope you all had a good break. As always there are plenty of great activities planned for the up and coming half term and the exciting lead up to Easter. 

New children – We are very much looking forward to welcoming Tania and Noah to join us this half term.

World Book Day Thursday 1st March – We are looking forward to our World Book Day themed week and sharing the children's favourite stories. Children are welcome to dress up all week if they would like to, and not too much stress for parents, or come dressed as their favourite book character on Thursday 1st March which is World Book Day. The staff may also participate in the fun. Please do not feel that you have to go to lots of effort or expense, maybe accessories their normal clothes. If your child would prefer not to dress up then that is of course fine too, but don't forget to send in their favourite book. We will be reading a selection daily, ensuring that everyone's book is read during the week. We have lots of fun activities planned, such as puppet making, a puppet theatre, a book shop and our listening centre.      

Mother’s Day will form an important element of the children’s planned activities this half term.   We will use the opportunity to talk about being thankful and the importance of our Mothers and what they do for us.

Through our observations of the children’s play and in particular by noting the resources that are regularly self-selected by the children we have developed some planning ideas for the coming weeks to extend learning through these interests whilst engaging in a variety of exciting activities that can take place inside and/or outside in our dedicated outdoor learning space.

DinosaursWe will be using the children’s fascination of our dinosaur collection to explore a range of different activities.  Catherine has been to the Natural History Museum in the holidays to collect some ideas and lots of dinosaur photos and facts.

Transport/vehiclesFrom trains to tractors, we will be continuing to find new ways to explore them through the different areas of the curriculum

Role PlayThe indoor role play area will start off as a book shop for World Book Day and then further ideas will be developed according to the children’s interests. 

Physical DevelopmentThe children will practise their tool handling skills when making Easter Nests in a cooking activity open to all children during the week. They will also have an opportunity to test their skills by throwing, catching, rolling, and kicking balls, or hopping and jumping, as they work towards their Physical Challenge certificates.

Easter - Towards the end of the term we will be talking about new life leading into Easter.        

Rhyme Time Bags These book bags started going home with some of the children last term, we hope that they have enjoyed sharing them at home. Please ensure that they are returned back to the Pre-School after a few days so that all the children can get an opportunity to participate with their families, we only have one book bag per key person to hand out. Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Missing Equipment – Unfortunately from time to time we find that smaller pieces of equipment do sometimes go astray. Before the half term break we were missing some pieces from puzzles that were really enjoyed by the children and we will now not be able to use these resources again. Hopefully they will reappear as these things usually do in an unexpected place, but sometimes little children innocently do like to store small pieces in their pockets! If you at any time find a small toy or part of something that you do not recognise please always bring it in to show us just in case. It could be that you have found that vital missing part that we were looking for! Thank  

Personal Toys - Please persuade your child not to bring their toys from home into Pre-School, unless specifically requested by a member of staff. Please explain to them that there are plenty of toys and equipment already at Pre-School, their toy may be mislaid, or be played with/damaged by another child.

IllnessLast half term unfortunately brought with it several different illnesses that affected many of the children. It is important to keep your child at home if they seem unwell and we ask you to inform the Pre-School as to the nature of their illness. Please also ensure that you do not bring any child into Pre-School who has been vomiting and/or had diarrhoea until at least 48 hours has elapsed since the last attack.  Thank you.

SAFEGUARDING – Several of the staff team are currently updating their mandatory training for Child Protection and Paediatric First Aid.

Following recent advice we have been working on developing a new policy for the Pre-School for Lockdown. Should an emergency situation arise where our lockdown procedure needed to be activated, parents are asked to follow the guidance of the authorities and not telephone the Pre-School as it is essential to keep the telephone line clear. We will always endeavour to contact parents as soon as we can, but our first priority will be ensuring the safety and well being of all those in our care.

It is really important that we have the up to date contact details for parents, grandparents or any one else who maybe collecting your child. In an event of an emergency, we need to be able to make contact with a child's carer. If you are unsure as to whether your detaails are up to date, please ask a member of staff to check.

FACEBOOK- If you have not already liked us on Facebook, we have 2 pages. We can be found at Harbury Pre-School which is an open page, and Parents of Harbury Pre-School which is a closed group and requires Administators to accept new members. We will continue to post updates of the fun activities the children partake in.



Some exciting fundraising ideas for Pre-School have recently been discussed. We are appealing for all parents please to support the hard work and commitment already shown by our Committee parents and help to organise and support these events. Any money raised would help to make a real difference to the activities we can offer the children such as additional learning experiences or outings that generally have an added cost. 

We also have a long list of some new specialist equipment that the staff would love to be able to acquire for the children to use this school year. Some of it is to replace old or broken equipment that has had to be discarded (Pre-School has been open a very long time!). However many of the items are inspiring new resources that will support and stimulate development and learning for your child with an exciting fresh image!


PLEASE SAY YES to coming on board to help organise and support the different events below so that we are able to be assured of success. We anticipate all of them to be fun and a great way to cement some parent friendships that we are sure will continue on through your child’s school life. The Pre-School needs help from all our families please and it will be amazing to be able to make a real difference to our resources for your children to be the first to benefit from.

Events planned, all are in the early stages so please offer your help NOW…

April 2018 – Speed Quiz

A quiz with a difference, guaranteed to create a lot of laughter whilst testing reaction and maybe a bit of knowledge on the side! More details to follow but please offer some HELP NOW to organise this event and make it a success.

Saturday 5th May 2018 – Coffee Morning.

Harbury Pre-School will be hosting the coffee morning in the Tom Hauley Rooms, at Harbury Church. The help needed for this will be to provide cakes/biscuits to sell, organise a raffle and lots of practical help on the day. Children always enjoy coming along to this event to meet up with their friends on a Saturday morning and enjoy a treat or win a prize!

Saturday 9th June 2018It’s Carnival time!

Please keep the date free for your whole family. The children will soon be creating lots of artwork that can be used to decorate our float which they will all have the opportunity to ride on around Harbury! We will need a group of parents to help to liaise with the staff and organise the decorating of the float to create this memorable experience for your children.

Carnival BBQ – Every year Pre-School is also given the opportunity to run the BBQ stand set up on the playing fields at the Carnival. This gives us an amazing opportunity to raise some substantial funds but needs many hands to share the load on the day. The carnival is a great day out for all the family so please put the date on your calendar and invite family and friends to join you in helping us this year.

July 2018 - Summer Party! (Further details to follow)

Contact Numbers To notify us of your child’s absence from Pre-School, please text 07833 597973If you need to contact Pre-School during session time, please call or text 07833 597973 (During busy periods it may not be possible to answer the phone immediately, so please be patient). For all other enquiries please contact us at

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