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Our New Canopy 2013

A huge "THANK YOU" from Harbury Pre-School Committee to local support

by Jo Banbury

“On behalf of Harbury Pre-School, I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the local businesses and organisations who supported us in our efforts in raising funds, which has enabled us to install a fun and practical canopy in the play area.

As you know, the Pre-School caters for many of the local children and we pride ourselves on delivering quality education and care, while focusing on the individual needs of children who attend. We endeavour to get the children outside playing and learning in our outdoor classroom, whatever the weather, every session. This canopy will now enhance those sessions, providing cover from the drizzle and the snow (!) and some shade when the sun comes.

It has been a desire of Gael Conway’s (Senior Manager) and her team for some years to have this canopy installed, and the committee have been raising money over the past couple of years to make it a reality. But it is down to the generosity of local businesses and village members that it has happened – and I would particularly like to thank (in no particular order):

Harbury Parish Council; Redware Ltd.; Lua Ltd.; Wiglesworth & Company; Braeside B & B; Saddlers B & B; Fix it 4 U; DFJ Hewer Builders Ltd.; Southam Lions; anyone who sponsored Mike Banbury and the fellow dads for their efforts in cycling the Coast to Coast challenge; Barclays Plc., and Emma Watson who started all of the fund raising efforts off in her time on committee.

As well as allowing the children to get out and spend time outdoors exploring and playing in the fresh air, it also means the toddler group, who also use the building, have somewhere to store their buggies when in session. All in all, it is a much needed addition to the building and will be well used!

The build to fit the new canopy was completed at the beginning of January, and the children are already enjoying using the new facility.”

The following photos show the Pre-School thanking Jo for all her help and support in seeing this project through to completion at the ‘Grand Opening’ of the canopy!