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Development Project 2011

posted 3 Nov 2015, 07:49 by Harbury Webmaster   [ updated 8 Dec 2015, 13:12 by Katy Spencer Hammon ]


Following many months of consultation, demolition, construction and interior work, we are delighted to announce that, other than a few finishing touches, the extension of our facilities at the Wight School has finished!

The aims of the development project included:

Providing an enhanced environment for Harbury Pre-School and its provision of sessional care with:
  • Improved access to the building
  • A more welcoming entrance
  • Improved facilities in a new foyer area
  • Improved modern toilet facilities, which are easily accessible
  • A more accessible kitchen
Providing a more secure environment by:
  • Ensuring a private and secure play area
  • A more secure entry/exit procedure
To improve the DDA compliance of the facility with:
  • New disabled access
  • Disabled toilet facilities
  • Disabled access to play area
As well as improvements to the Pre-School facilities, the work also included the demolition of the old toilets to improve access to the car park.

The photographs below tell the whole story!

Photograph Diary

Photographs taken by Katy Spencer Hammon and Gael Conway

Day 1

Thursday 3 March 2011

Day 3

Groundworks dug out for the new extension

Day 4

Partition wall going up across what used to be resource room to form new disabled toilet

Day 5

Goodbye wire fence!

Cutting doorway through

Building inspectors

Day 6

Concrete pads for extension

Day 10

Groundworks including walls and plumbing

Day 11

New disabled toilet and a last look inside the old toilet block

Day 12

Monday 14 March 2011

Demolition of the old toilet block - going...going...going...most definitely gone!

Day 14

Disabled toilet fitted out and ready to use

Day 16

Friday 18 March 2011

The development earns a mention in the local paper Leamington Courier

Meanwhile the existing brick extension is tidied up following the demolition work and work continues in preparation for the new extension

Day 23

Preview photos of the extension (which is being built off-site)

Day 26

Preparation continues for the extension which arrives in two days!

Day 28

Wednesday 30 March
6.30am and the extension arrives!

First half

Second half

Both halves being lifted into place

Minor adjustment

A sneak look inside...children's toilets, disabled toilet, corridor, kitchen and resource room

And on the outside...

Day 29

Velux windows allow light to flood into library and extension, allow the existing library windows to be seen and give cubby holes for coats and storage

Day 30

Exterior brick work completed

Day 31

Working party - staff and friends help organise the new space


Day 38 - Saturday 9 April 2011

Some weeks later...

New extension features on our carnival float "Celebrations"

August 2011

Work starts on the driveway

Dropped kerb being put in

Tarmac going down

Meanwhile, inside the main room...

...floor taken up and relaid...

...and goodbye to the corner storage cupboards...

...and yet more cleaning!

At last all cleaned and set up, and the children try out the new look classroom

But it's not finished yet...

December 2011

Freshly decorated and new flooring goes down

Looking into the corner where the cupboards used to be

Looking towards the door to the library