Our sessions are broken down into the first 2.5 hours for a morning session or the last 2.5 hours for an afternoon sessions which may be funded by the Warwickshire County Council depending on your circumstances, and the remaining part of any sessions which is additional time provided by Harbury Pre-School.  In total Harbury Pre-School can deliver up to 20 hours of funded hours per eligible child during a typical week.  Go to Sessions (standard) 2017-18
to view our session hours for the new academic year.

Fees per session for the 2017-18 academic year are as follows and are reviewed annually: 

Fee criteria

Cost per Monday afternoon and all morning sessions

Cost per afternoon session; Tues & Thurs

Child under 3yrs at start of term (unfunded)



Child aged 3yrs or over using funded hours



Child over 3yrs not using funded hours



Lunch Club (12:00-13.00 Tue, Wed, Thurs only)


(included within above fees)

Children attending Lunch Club bring a packed lunch. Children who attend morning sessions on any Tuesday and Thursday can attend at an additional cost (see above fee table), however, Lunch Club is included in the fee for those children attending an afternoon session (excluding Monday).

The fees you pay allow for the difference between the government funding and our actual costs providing an exceptional quality experience for the children and to allow for our session times to be longer than the funded hours.  We at Harbury Pre-School take pride in our team of fully qualified and experienced staff who work at adult to child ratios no greater than 1:6 for 3 and 4-year olds. This far exceeds the standard 1:8 ratio that other providers usually offer for this age group. We believe this enables us to deliver the level of care and opportunities required to provide each child with educationally stimulating activities and experiences during every session.

 “The quality of teaching is very good. All staff fully understand how children learn and they plan challenging activities to help them develop new skills”. Quoted from our Ofsted report, May 2016

For further information regarding early years funding and eligibility criteria please see Warwickshire County Council website or the government www.childcarechoices.gov.uk websites.

To view our free entitlement hours please see Sessions (free entitlement) 2017-18